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How to Change a Battery in a Mercedes Key Fob

Low battery levels could make starting your Mercedes-Benz more challenging. It may require repeated attempts before your vehicle starts, and its lock, unlock and panic buttons may no longer function correctly on your key fob.

Mercedes-Benz of Santa Rosa can assist with changing your key fob battery, but there are steps you can take yourself to do it on your own without going through an extended dealership visit process. Please view this quick guide on how to change it yourself!

How to Open a Key Fob

If your Mercedes key fob isn’t working as intended, replacing its battery may be the answer. This straightforward process only takes minutes and won’t require going to a dealership or hiring an expensive mechanic to do.

Your key fob is an indispensable device, providing access to doors and sunroofs as well as starting engines remotely. Plus, it features an emergency response button!

However, if the key fob battery dies unexpectedly, its functionality will cease and you’ll need to start the car manually instead. While this issue is usually easily rectifiable at home, it’s wise to know what steps need to be taken when replacing a Mercedes key fob battery.

First, identify which Mercedes key fob type you have. There are two versions – Chrome Key and Smart Key – each requiring different batteries for proper functioning.

Before replacing batteries on either of your keys, it is essential that you first identify which type is needed so that you can purchase an appropriate replacement battery. In particular, for Smart Keys using two 3-volt lithium CR 2025 cells or Chrome Keys only using one will need to know which kind they require prior to purchasing their replacements.

Pull on the tab that holds open the battery case to open it; using something flat such as your fingernail may help trigger this step.

Once the case is open, take care to remove and install a new battery in its exact place so it will function correctly when placed back into your key fob. Ensure it fits snugly within its compartments to ensure optimal functioning when back inside its casing.

As soon as your key is restored, simply reseal and install it into its case – this should take no more than 2 minutes and can easily be completed at home.

Your Mercedes key fob is an effective way of keeping track of and finding your keys more quickly, and making sure that they work when needed most.

Smart Key

Low batteries in Mercedes key fobs can create numerous issues. From being unable to start your vehicle and access doors when required to alarms being set off to inform of a need for replacement batteries.

To avoid these problems, it is essential that you become acquainted with the different types of Mercedes key fobs and how to change their batteries. Once you identify which key is yours, changing its battery should be a straightforward process.

Before you can change the battery of a Smart Key or Chrome Key, it is necessary to identify it first. Each of these types uses unique mechanisms for opening their key fob and should be studied accordingly before beginning this task.

If you own a Smart Key, opening it can be accomplished by pulling down on its silver, square-shaped tab at the bottom of the key and pulling down to separate it. After separating, there will be an opening in your key fob that allows you to press your key against and open its cover.

Altering the settings on your Smart Key can also be done by pressing and holding both lock and unlock buttons at once for around seven seconds – this will change it from automatically unlocking all doors to only opening driver-side door.

Smart Key is also equipped with a panic button for added peace of mind in an emergency situation, providing quick access to activate your car’s alarm system and potentially save lives.

To verify your Smart Key is working as intended, take it in for testing at your dealership or service center. They can identify if there’s an underlying technical issue that prevents it from operating correctly and replace batteries as necessary.

Key fob batteries typically last between 3-4 years; however, that doesn’t mean that you won’t ever need to change it. It is crucial that you remember to swap out your key fob battery before it dies in order to address any potential problems as soon as they arise and not wait until it’s too late!

Chrome Key

Your Mercedes key fob may become difficult to use over time as its battery wears away, limiting its functionality. If this occurs and it impacts your ability to unlock doors or set off panic alarms, then it may be time for an upgrade of batteries in your key fob.

Before changing the battery in your mercedes key fob, it’s essential that you first determine its type. Depending on which model of car you own, your options could include either a Chrome Key or Smart Key; depending on this choice will impact how and what batteries to purchase for it.

Chrome Keys are specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles manufactured since 1995, featuring metal casing and one or two CR 2025 batteries (depending on which version it is). Their panic buttons also indicate which version has been purchased.

To open the Chrome Key, pull down on its silver, square-shaped tab at the bottom and pull back until it releases from its holding, before pushing the key into its small gap in the fob.

Once the cover is off, remove and install your new CR 2025 battery in its place. Make sure that the positive side is facing upward, and that the cover is securely closed before reinserting your key back into its holder.

Smart Key is an older model of Mercedes key fob made of plastic and designed for older models of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. To open and change its batteries easily, just pull its latch at the end of its holder, stick horizontally into an open slot on the key fob, and lift out battery compartment containing new CR 2025 battery to access battery compartment.

How to Change a Battery

If your Mercedes key fob is no longer functioning as expected, it may be time to replace its battery. At Mercedes-Benz of White Plains we can show you how to do it yourself or arrange an appointment near Glendora so one of our technicians will replace your key fob for you.

Switching out the battery of a key fob isn’t difficult, though its complexity will depend on which type of key fob you own and its age. Here are some guidelines for assessing if and when your key fob battery should be changed:

Determine Your Key Type: Most Alhambra Mercedes-Benz drivers possess either a Chrome SmartKey(r) or an older SmartKey. Both require one CR 2025 battery, though the newer Chrome SmartKey only needs one while older SmartKey requires two.

Find the Appropriate Batteries: When choosing your key type, it is important to purchase appropriate batteries. A Chrome SmartKey(r) uses one CR 2025 battery while older SmartKey(r) require two.

Pop Out the Battery Case: Your key fob battery is housed within its own case, which you can easily open by sliding out its black cover piece. Simply press down on the button on one side of your key fob and remove its black cover piece – this should free the battery to be extracted with your fingernail or another flat object.

Put the new battery in its case, making sure it fits securely and correctly. Generally speaking, writing on the side of the battery should differ in color from that on its case – this indicates you have found the appropriate one.

Replacing batteries is an easy DIY project anyone can undertake themselves, just follow these steps and your key fob will soon be back to working order!

Losing Your Capability to Lock/Unlock Doors or Set Panic Alarm: If your key fob no longer allows you to lock or unlock doors with it, that could be a telltale sign that its battery power has diminished and that a warning sign on your dashboard indicates you may soon lose it altogether.

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