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How to Change Battery in Nissan Key Fob

If your Nissan key fob has become unresponsive, it may be time to change its battery. Luckily, changing one yourself is relatively straightforward and costs only around $15 in material costs.

Start by flipping your Nissan key over and pushing its release latch – this will unhook its mechanical key from its storage position inside your key fob.

1. Release the Mechanical Key

An empty battery in your Nissan Smart Key fob can be frustrating and inconvenient, but swapping out its CR2032 battery shouldn’t be difficult or time consuming – you just need some basic tools and can even do it alone at home!

First, remove the mechanical key from the key fob. Typically found on its back side, this extra key can be used in an emergency to unlock doors and start your car.

Next, open up the fob to remove the old battery using a small flat-head screwdriver.

Your first task should be to insert your screwdriver through one or both of the small slits on top of the key fob and turn it clockwise so as to safely open up its casing.

Nissan key fobs typically utilize a CR2032 battery, which typically lasts around 20,000 hours when used passively to connect between key fobs and vehicles.

If you need any assistance changing the battery in your nissan key fob, don’t hesitate to give West End Nissan in North Olmsted a call – our friendly team would be more than glad to assist!

Once you have installed a new battery in the fob, test its functionality to ensure everything works as it should. If not, either replace it again or bring it into our Idaho Falls dealership for professional service.

2. Pry Open the Fob

If your Nissan car or truck won’t start, but the unlock button doesn’t respond, it may be time for a battery replacement – an easy fix that only takes minutes! This quick solution can get you back on the road right away.

Step one in changing a dead key fob battery is prying open the key fob with a small flat-head screwdriver or other strong tool, such as an adjustable wrench. Most Nissan key fobs consist of two halves that join at seams, making this task much simpler.

Utilize a screwdriver to carefully open up the fob a bit at a time, starting from its top right corner and working down towards its base until you hear a click and can see where the old battery sits in its housing. This will allow for separation of its two halves as well as visibility of any old batteries sitting inside.

Once the two halves have been separated, locate and remove the old key fob battery from its housing – this will also serve as the location where you’ll insert your new one.

Once you’ve installed the new battery, reassemble and test it to ensure its proper function. Now is also an ideal opportunity to ensure you have placed its positive and negative sides correctly.

Once complete, install your key fob and enjoy driving without a physical key! Be sure to store up on extra batteries just in case an unexpected emergency arises – an easy way to ensure you’ll always be prepared!

3. Remove the Old Battery

When your key fob begins acting strangely or no longer works at all, it may be time to replace its battery. Most experts advise replacing this at least every two years; if you live in a hot or cold climate it may need replacing more frequently.

Luckily, changing the battery in a Nissan key fob is relatively simple and shouldn’t require too much of your time or money if you have the appropriate tools at home.

To access and replace the battery on your key fob without damaging it, first release the mechanical key hidden within its casing. This will give you access to its batteries so they can be replaced without causing irreparable harm to your Nissan Intelligent Key.

Next, open the fob into two parts using the small slits located at the top of its case and a flat-bladed screwdriver to pry open its case.

Once you have opened the casing, you should see a 3-volt Panasonic CR 2032 battery inside half of the key fob – this should be in keeping with most other car key fobs as it should fit perfectly.

Before installing a new battery, take note of its orientation to ensure proper insertion. Most batteries will feature a plus or minus sign to assist with this task.

Once you’ve installed the new battery, test the fob to make sure it works as intended before moving forward with step two!

4. Insert the New Battery

The battery contained within a Nissan key fob is critical to its functioning. It sends signals directly to your car for doors, trunk unlocking, and remote starting functions. While batteries tend to last a few years with proper care and replacement it should remain functional.

When replacing the battery on a key fob, take certain precautions to protect its casing and any internal parts. Also make sure you know exactly where it resides to insert the new one correctly.

Once the mechanical key has been extracted, prying open the key fob should not be too difficult; even those new to using tools should find it manageable.

Once you’ve opened the fob, the next step should be removing the old battery. A flat-head screwdriver is useful in extracting batteries without damaging their housing.

Your Nissan key fob battery needs replacing too; this can be found at most electronics stores and should match up perfectly to that found inside its key fob.

Once you’ve installed your new battery, test the fob to make sure it works as intended. If not, take time out to go back to the dealership and get one instead if necessary; but if it works as intended, be glad you took the time to change it out – it can save money down the line by not having a dead key on hand!

5. Test the Fob

If your key fob has become problematic, replacing its battery may be the solution. Replacing batteries is a quick and simple task that typically only takes minutes to complete.

Key fobs are remote transmitters used to send a signal directly from your vehicle’s onboard receiver, used for unlocking doors, starting the engine and opening trunks among other functions. Unfortunately if its battery dies or becomes discharged it won’t function anymore and thus requires replacement in order for its functions to continue working as desired.

To replace the battery in your key fob, a small flat-head screwdriver will come in handy. There are slots on its top that allow you to insert and turn clockwise the screwdriver.

Once you have a screwdriver in hand, use it to pry open the casing of your fob. Be careful not to use its grooved sides as leverage for prying; only use its handles directly against its casing for maximum effectiveness.

Once the two halves of your fob have been separated, it’s time to remove its old battery. There should be a 3-volt coin-cell battery located on the backside of your key fob for easy access.

Replace it with a new fob and ensure both sides are securely clipped together – this will ensure it functions as intended when you press it.

Once your new battery has been installed, perform a test by pressing on its buttons on the fob. If any functions such as locking/unlocking/panic/trunk don’t function properly then that indicates the battery needs replacing immediately.

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