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How to Change Battery in Subaru Key Fob

If your key fob has been giving you issues, it may be time to replace its battery. Don’t fret though- this guide can help get this task accomplished quickly and effortlessly!

Your Subaru’s smart key not only locks and unlocks doors, but can also open the gas cap, turn on lights, and much more! So it is essential to learn how to use it effectively!

Remove the Mechanical Key

Most vehicles feature a key fob that allows the owner to unlock doors, lock gas cap, turn on lights and more. Furthermore, there is usually an “alarm system panic button” should someone become lost and cannot locate their car.

Many cars now feature key fobs equipped with security chips that transmit signals directly to the ignition and door locks, enabling drivers to lock and unlock their car without ever taking out their actual key. This feature makes life much simpler.

However, chips may sometimes run out of battery power and stop functioning to start your vehicle – this can be extremely inconvenient if you rely on it regularly for work purposes.

One way to restore functionality to your key fob is replacing its battery; this may be an economical and quick solution; however, sometimes this doesn’t seem possible and needs further investigation.

Use the small button on the back of the key fob to detach and release mechanical keys from key fobs.

Since this can be challenging, practicing is recommended before trying it on real people. Once you get used to doing this process, however, it should become much simpler.

If you need assistance in doing this, consult the owner’s manual of your vehicle for guidance. Instructions should be easy to follow and provide step-by-step guidance.

Be careful when taking apart a mechanical key to avoid damaging its buttons inside. They are sensitive to pressure, and can easily crack under excessive force.

Once the button has been unbuttoned, use a flat screwdriver to pry apart plastic tabs that secure your key fob. If this proves unsuccessful, try inserting a thin screwdriver into the groove where the button used to be for an alternative approach.

Once you have taken out the button from your key fob, replacing the battery should be straightforward. Selecting an effective 3-volt or 3V battery such as the CR2032-3V series may be key; popular types include the CR2025 3V series.

Remove the Cover

If your key fob has stopped functioning as desired, it could be time to switch out its battery. Although the process itself is straightforward and can be completed without difficulty in just minutes if all necessary tools and steps are followed correctly.

Start by checking that your car’s owner’s manual includes instructions for installing or changing its battery. These should be available online, at local auto dealers and hardware stores or you could consult YouTube videos which might offer useful guidance.

Remove the cover from your key fob, usually found at its rear, using either a metal key or flathead screwdriver.

Once the cover is off, a flat round battery should be visible inside its casing. Remove and install your new battery by aligning its positive side up.

As you near your car, close up and inspect its key fob to see if it still functions normally. If it isn’t functioning as you would expect from far away, the battery could possibly be low or dead and needs to be charged further before testing further.

If it’s not working, call your roadside assistance service and request that they replace it for you. Make sure your insurance covers it first!

When replacing your battery, CR 2032 3V or CR 2025 3V batteries are the go-to choice. They’re readily available at most auto parts stores or online.

To install a new battery, a small flathead screwdriver will come in handy. Insert its blade into various places on the seam between front and back of battery cover until you find an open spot between them – this should help secure it into place more securely.

Once opened, you will easily be able to pry open the cover. If it seems stuck, try using your screwdriver on all sides of the cover in an effort to loosen it further.

Once you’ve popped off the cover, you should be able to see a flat round battery in the middle of the fob. Gently pry out and replace with a 2032 3V or 2025 3V battery using your flathead screwdriver.

Remove the Battery

Changing batteries on Subaru key fobs is usually an easy and quick process that can be completed within minutes if you have all of the appropriate tools available to you.

Establish the type of key fob you have; depending on its make and model, you will need to know how to replace its battery.

Push the small silver tab located on the back of your Subaru key fob to release a metal key, and insert your key or flathead screwdriver tip into the gap between front and back to open your key fob cover by twisting gently.

Once your key fob is open, look inside for the flat round battery that usually sits on the reverse side of its transmitter circuit board. There may be small tabs securing this battery that must first be unhooked before you can replace it with your 2032 3-Volt Lithium CR2032 Replacement Battery.

Once the old battery has been taken out, place your new one with its + symbol facing towards you into its slot in your key fob and reassemble with your metal key reinserted. Be careful not to touch or harm the battery as you place it into place! Once completed, reassemble all pieces together.

If you’re having difficulty unplugging an old battery, try using a flat-head screwdriver with vinyl tape or cloth as an aid to pry it free – being mindful not to break off either of the thin plastic hooks that keep the battery in place!

Option 2 is using needle-nose pliers to extract the battery; however, beware as this could damage it and render your computer useless! If not done carefully enough this method could result in irreparable damage to both battery and charger.

Before you attempt to remove the battery from your Subaru key fob, consult its user manual in order to understand which battery type and size to select.

Most batteries can be found online or at local automotive parts stores; if that proves unsuccessful, please reach out to Capitol Subaru so we can assist in finding what you require.

Replace the Battery

As with any key fob, maintaining the battery in your Subaru key fob is of vital importance in terms of its proper function and health. A healthy battery allows the system to function more smoothly while any signs of battery issues could potentially cause buttons to malfunction; to avoid this happening, be sure to change out its batteries regularly for new ones when required.

This process is easy and takes minimal effort, while also helping you save money. There are various online resources that can teach you how to replace the battery in your Subaru key fob.

To properly replace a battery, you will require the appropriate tools and a new one – these batteries can usually be found at electronics stores or online.

Before you can open the cover, a screwdriver is needed to pry open its cover. Your key fob may feature a small clip which covers its battery; using your screwdriver gently pry up this clip with its prying tool to access its contents.

Once you open up the cover, you will discover a flat round battery inside, nestled neatly within its crevice between both halves of the cover.

Use a flathead screwdriver to gently pry apart the small tabs that cover the battery housing, being sure to remove it before installing a new battery with its right side up.

Once the battery is removed, a transmitter circuit board with eight-digit long numbers appears. These signals allow your car to unlock and start automatically.

Your door’s lock button must then be used to enter that number several times in a row in order to program it into your system, until ten times are complete and you hear a chime signalling success.

Once this step has been completed, test the key fob to see if it works as expected. If it doesn’t, professional programming services must be hired for further assistance.

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