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How to Change Oculus Controller Battery

Switching out batteries in your Oculus controllers isn’t as complex as you might imagine, thanks to their hidden AA battery pack located behind a small cover that must be taken off to access and replace it with new one.

Now, thanks to rechargeable AA batteries and chargers, your controllers will stay powered up without ever needing to be plugged into an outlet for charging. They’re much less expensive than purchasing traditional disposable AA batteries – saving both time and money!

Remove the Battery Cover

As with any wireless device, your Oculus controller’s battery may eventually need replacing. Luckily, the process is fairly straightforward – simply remove its cover and swap out for a fresh battery once dead batteries have been taken out of service.

Start by finding the battery compartment cover in your controller grip on the side without grip buttons, and look for an arrow icon at its top pointing downwards – this will show which direction to push in order to unlatch it.

Once you’ve located the battery compartment, use your thumb to press down on its center slightly – this will push back against you and enable you to open and remove your dead battery quickly and easily.

Alternately, you could wedge something like a nail between the positive and negative ends of the battery (or use any thin tool you have available), then press down on it with something like your fingertips to release the battery from its compartment. This method may work best if you are having difficulty opening your compartment; however it may not suit those with slim or weak fingers.

Next, it is necessary to remove and install a replacement AA battery. Although the process should be simple enough, first time users may encounter some difficulty.

As with any battery replacement, make sure you recycle or dispose of the old one appropriately before re-installing it. This is particularly important if using rechargeable batteries that could harm the environment if not handled responsibly.

Be sure to reattach the battery cover after replacing it! Be careful that it fits tightly; improper closure could allow your new batteries to leak or explode if not in their proper positions.

If you’re having trouble locating the battery compartment cover on your oculus controller, try using silicone skins to cover it up. Or try BeswinVR’s custom replacement battery and cover, featuring magnetic charging ports so that your controllers can be charged from any USB power source.

Remove the Dead Battery

If you own an Oculus controller, be sure to change its batteries regularly or before long periods of inactivity – this will help ensure a seamless VR experience!

Oculus Quest 2 devices rely on single AA batteries that quickly lose their charge, so replacing them regularly is necessary to maintain power. Switching batteries is easy and will not damage the device.

To change out a battery on an Oculus controller, it will require opening its compartment and taking care not to apply too much force when opening it up. You should remove its cover first before taking steps such as opening its cover carefully in order to access its contents – be mindful not to apply too much pressure!

Once the battery cover has been taken off, you should be able to view the dead AA battery inside. It can then be replaced either with a disposable or rechargeable AA battery for convenience.

When replacing batteries, be sure to select a reliable brand and follow manufacturer’s instructions. Disposables should be disposed of according to local regulations, while rechargeable ones should be stored in an appropriate charger.

Keep a regular tab on your battery level to avoid unexpectedly running out of juice midgame. The Oculus Menu Bar displays how much charge remains for both controllers and headset.

Your Oculus controller could last up to 50 hours of playback depending on the battery type you use; however, this varies between devices.

There may be many reasons for an Oculus controller to run out of battery power, and to be prepared in case this occurs it is important to have an extra battery handy – either through buying one directly or by using a charging station compatible with it.

One of the primary causes of Oculus controller failure is over-discharge. This may occur from being charged too quickly, or degraded batteries over time.

Your Oculus controller could stop functioning due to it not connecting with the headset, however performing basic troubleshooting steps such as checking battery level, re-syncing controller and restarting headset can often remedy this problem.

Install a New Battery

Maintaining the battery life of your Oculus Quest 2 controller is important, depending on how often and frequently you play. They should typically last several months of regular usage depending on their frequency, but once their charge runs out it may be time to replace them.

Change battery on an Oculus Quest 2 controller is relatively straightforward and only requires minimal tools. Locate the battery compartment; typically this is on the left side of any grip that does not feature grip buttons on its grips.

A battery usually resembles a small box with wedge-shaped indentions on all four sides, as well as an integral strap that makes removal simpler. To safely unload one, a carrying tool, appropriate-sized sockets and long extension bars are required for successful battery removal.

Once you’ve located the battery compartment, the next step should be replacing your old battery with a new one. While many options exist for replacement batteries, we advise purchasing rechargeable lithium-ion ones designed specifically to use with high output devices as these have longer charge retention and lower risks of overheating and over-discharging.

Before installing your new battery, ensure the terminals are clean. Sulfate from battery’s discharge of lead can build up on its terminals over time and prevent its recharge – potentially rendering your device non-functional!

An effective solution to avoid this problem is using a battery post and terminal cleaner, a straightforward tool designed to get rid of sulfate without harming terminals.

Install the battery by connecting its (+) positive red cable to the battery post and its (-) negative black cable with its terminal clamps, then loosen both nuts on its hold-down strap, slid it down over them and tightened both nuts to secure its position on top of terminal clamps.

If you need any assistance replacing the AA batteries in an Oculus Quest 2, feel free to share in the comments below – we would be more than happy to assist!

Reinstall the Battery Cover

If your Oculus controllers are having difficulties working properly, swapping out their batteries may help. Since Oculus Quest 2 controllers use standard AA batteries, when their charge runs low it’s wise to replace them with fresh ones as soon as they begin to deplete.

It’s surprisingly straightforward to change the battery in an Oculus Quest 2 controller; just look for an icon or arrow on its grip to pinpoint its location.

Once you have located the battery compartment, taking care to carefully slide off its cover is all it takes to complete this step. If necessary, apply force if needed for better results.

As you use your printer, take care not to damage its plastic cover. Although not especially vulnerable, too little force could cause it to crack off altogether.

To change out a battery, just slide the cover towards the grip while following the arrow embossed on its top edge. When done so, simply take off your old AA battery and replace it with the fresh one.

Prior to attempting this step, however, make sure that the old battery is disposed of in an environmentally safe way. You can find information on where you can dispose of AA batteries near you online or by contacting your local government office.

Once the old battery has been taken out, install the new one into its compartment and make sure that its orientation is correct – otherwise, reverse this process by extracting both batteries back out.

Once complete, make sure to reinstall the Battery Cover to ensure your Oculus Quest 2 controllers work smoothly again. If they don’t, a factory reset may be in order.

While you’re at it, be sure to clean the battery contacts on your controllers in order to maximize power delivery to the device. To do so, dip a cotton swab or Q-tip into some isopropyl alcohol before wiping the contacts clean with it – this should resolve issues with Oculus Quest 2 controllers.

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