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Who Makes Duralast Batteries?

If you’re in the market for a battery replacement, chances are Duralast may already be on your radar. Available exclusively at AutoZone stores, Duralast batteries have long been considered among the highest quality offerings on the market.

There are various grades of batteries on the market, each at its own price depending on its quality and performance. One of the most sought-after models is Platinum variant with Absorbent Glass Mat technology for increased power output than regular battery versions.

Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls International is an Ireland-based corporation that produces Duralast batteries as well as various vehicle parts. Their facilities cover six continents.

This firm specializes in HVAC, fire, and security equipment production. JC Enterprises boasts over 10,000 employees with a net income of $2.4 billion.

The company’s global headquarters is in Cork, Ireland; with manufacturing plants located throughout North America and Europe. Established by Warren S. Johnson and some Milwaukee investors in 1885.

JC Battery is one of the world’s leading automotive battery suppliers and recyclers, operating across over 2,000 locations with more than 100,000 employees globally.

AutoZone supplies its batteries to consumers and retail stores globally, offering limited warranties.

AutoZone offers several types of Duralast batteries to meet all your automotive battery needs, such as standard Gold and Platinum lines. Both options offer reliable performance at a great value for your dollar.

These budget-friendly battery replacement options provide the ideal choice for anyone seeking a battery replacement at an economical price point. Most feature a two-year warranty and provide enough power and cold cranking amps to cover normal driving conditions.

These batteries are specifically designed to withstand vibration and start up quickly. While suitable for many driving situations and distances, this line might not be appropriate in extreme conditions or over lengthy distances.

Duralast Gold batteries offer an upgrade over its standard counterparts with additional lead plates for better vibration resistance and power output. These upgrades are recommended for cars equipped with heated seats or infotainment systems that draw significant power from the battery.

These batteries come in various sizes and volts, in a range of colors and styles. High-end models use Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology which means they will outlive standard alkaline batteries.

There’s also the premium Platinum model, offering more advanced features and construction. While AGM batteries remain cost effective options, this one may cost more than its Gold counterpart.

Reserve capacity should also be taken into consideration when buying a Duralast battery; this determines how long the battery can hold its charge after charging; Gold line-up only offers 150 minutes while Platinum model has 200 minute capacity.

Gold and Platinum Duralast batteries offer great value at a more reasonable cost. Built from calcium for increased strength and endurance, these long-lasting batteries typically last three to five years on average.

Platinum and Gold Duralast batteries are specifically tailored for vehicles equipped with multiple electrical accessories, such as heaters or infotainment systems. Both options feature cold cranking amp ratings that enable operation under extreme temperature conditions as well as corrosion protection features for greater reserve capacities and corrosion resistance.

East Penn Manufacturing

Duralast is one of the premier car battery brands on the market today, producing an extensive line of lead acid batteries ranging from standard Duralast models to their more premium Gold and Platinum collections. Their standard lineup is an economical solution while these premium options can offer superior performance and durability.

There are also several other battery manufacturers in the US who produce high-quality products, with Johnson Controls being one of the biggest in terms of shipping out 150 million car batteries each year and providing security equipment, fire products and HVAC supplies as well.

East Penn Manufacturing, established as a privately owned business in 1946, is another prominent auto battery producer in the US. They produce Duralast batteries exclusively for AutoZone.

Sears purchased part of East Penn in the late 1960s and helped it diversify into other areas of business while providing steady revenue that enabled additional warehouses and sales networks to open.

East Penn was at this time dependent upon outside vendors for plastic parts for its automobile batteries, resulting in an extraordinary tragedy when record snowfall struck January 1996 and caused its roof to collapse, cutting gas and electric lines while scattering debris all around its distribution center.

East Penn was forced to rent a temporary distribution center, yet production resumed within less than two months. Now owned by the Breidegam family, it has built up an excellent reputation for producing long-lasting batteries of superior quality that are reliable.

If you are looking for Duralast automotive batteries, they can be purchased from AutoZone and Sam’s Club; alternative sources of purchase may also exist, including Tractor Supply and Advance Auto Parts.

Duralast offers more than just regular car batteries; we also carry lawnmower and tractor batteries equipped with additional lead plates that offer more power, are vibration resistant, and can be mounted virtually anywhere on a lawnmower or tractor.

These batteries come in both flooded and AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology varieties. An AGM battery offers more durability and starting power for cold weather conditions than its conventional lead-acid counterpart, plus its spillproof flat plate design allows it to last longer with less maintenance requirements.

AutoZone stocks more than one brand of batteries – Duralast being one of the more renowned ones – such as Interstate, NAPA and DieHard batteries.

Duralast Gold line batteries offer superior CCA ratings compared to previous lines, greater vibration resistance, low self-discharge capacity and come with a three-year warranty.


Clarios (formerly Johnson Controls International PLC) produces Duralast batteries which are sold by AutoZone and other companies. As one of the world’s largest lead acid battery producers, it ships out 150 million car batteries annually and maintains offices on six continents.

Duralast battery manufacturer produces high-quality Duralast Platinum and Gold series batteries designed to suit multiple applications and have gained an excellent reputation for their long lifespans, performance, and durability.

These pumps feature an impressive cold-cranking amp rating to help your engine start quickly in freezing temperatures, are highly vibration resistant, and feature a spill-proof design.

Some of their models feature Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, which reduces maintenance needs. While AGM batteries tend to cost more, their higher level of performance makes them popular among car owners and is recommended by many of them.

Clarios not only manufactures car batteries but also supplies energy storage technologies for other industries. Their automotive battery range includes Optima Batteries, Champion Batteries, Delkor Batteries and Mac Batteries – they have even produced energy storage technologies specifically for these brands!

As well as manufacturing traditional lead acid batteries, Exide also manufactures AGM, Gel and STG battery technologies – with AGM and Gel batteries typically costing more than other types but providing increased levels of performance and being recommended by many car owners.

This company may not be as large as some others on this list, but they remain an influential presence in the global battery market. With offices on six continents and being a primary supplier to AutoZone and Walmart car batteries.

Battery maker Tesla Inc is based in the US and is recognized worldwide as a leader in energy storage technologies. They partner with multiple automotive manufacturers as well as auto parts retailers, retail chains and other distribution channels to supply their batteries.

Their proprietary technology has allowed them to design batteries that can be integrated into vehicles with multiple systems and functions, as well as low self-discharge rates that make them suitable for vehicles equipped with automatic start/stop systems.

Rechargeable batteries also feature high reserve capacities, meaning they’ll provide more power in extreme conditions and for vehicles equipped with heated seats or infotainment systems that consume electricity quickly and require power from their battery supply quickly. This feature can be especially valuable when coupled with cars equipped with heated seats or infotainment systems that drain power quickly from its reserve reserves.

Clarios, East Penn Manufacturing and Exide are three reputable battery makers who manufacture these batteries.

Clarios stands out as the largest and most successful producer of Duralast batteries, becoming a global leader in battery production as well as producing other batteries.

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